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Name:Bet Black | Toreador
Birthdate:Aug 10
Very little is known about Bet before she was embraced. And she likes it that way. In 1751, the twenty-six year old pirate of rather small fame was embraced by an undisclosed sire. From there she managed a rise to minor fame in the Caribbean, taking on a crew of mostly women. She managed to earn a rather lucrative living looting Spanish ships for quite some time, managing to keep her vampirism a secret by existing as just another pirate’s fairy tale. But her luck didn’t last forever.

Times changed and the carefree existence of a pirate wasn’t the perfect place for the wild child any longer. The Camarilla’s long arms were reaching the small pirate islands that for so long had been free of rule by any. Bet made a hard decision and sailed back home, to England. There she disbanded her crew and turned her ship into a merchant vessel. Under the guise of a young heir, she manages a small trade business that is pointedly successful, as she knows the lesser watched waters and the tricks to get around pirate interest.

To the mortal public she portrayed herself as Byron Black, a young teenage boy and heir apparent to the moderate merchant ship company. She had absolutely no desire to conform to societies incredibly ridge view of women, and enjoyed playing at her own private masquerade. So much so that even in kindred company she almost never dropped her boyish attire. It was an exceptionally rare occasion that Bet Black is seen in a gown, though it was likely to see her with her hair loose when not in mortal company.

She was content in London for a while, but things changed. She came across a pair of Methusaluh vampires, a Toreador and a Lasombra, who, for their own reasons, took her into their employ. She trained under them and served them as a body guard and companion, playing buffer between the pair as they existed in an endless dance of sexual/romantic tension. The coterie eventually grew to include two neonates in the late 1990's, the Toreadors Chris "Strings" Spence and Lily Austin. Both are very famous in the mortal music world, but Spence has his own notoriety in the Kindred world. From this strange family, she learned disciplines outside her own clan and yet she still was there mostly for show.

She decided to take some time on her own and traveled to Baton Rouge with her Coterie's well wishes. She immediately set about clashing with just about every vampiric power player she ran across. But unfortunately, loyalties called her back North, forcing her to walk away from the slowly intensifying situation she had helped create. With things settled, she returned to the southern city, not out of any sense of responsibility, but because she didn't like to leave things completely unfinished.

Key Stats:

Name: Bet Black
Nature: Daredevil
Demeanor: Celebrant
Clan: Toreador
Generation: 10th
Concept: Body guard/Agent for hire
Apparent Age: 26
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 1725
RIP: 1751
Sire: Teagan McAllistair

Strength 4
Dexterity 4
Stamina 4

Charisma 3
Manipulation 4
Appearance 3

Perception 3
Intelligence 3
Wits 4

Celerity 4
Presence 3
Auspex 3
Fortitude 5
Potence 4

Played At:
Baton Rouge (Modern Nights)
Shadows of London (Gaslight)
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